With operations in the USA, India, China, Taiwan and Vietnam, ADLINK needed an ERP solution to keep their employees from around the world up to date with the latest internal news and developments. As a large organization with many different departments and tiers of management, the ERP also needed to be highly structured and customizable in terms of who can write and view what content.

A leading technology company, ADLINK needed to maintain strict control over who can view and publish content. The user database was managed on their side, with an API defining each user’s department, managerial level and other important criteria. We then created a custom solution so that admin can set unique reading and writing permissions for each piece of content on the ERP.

As the ERP is being used to handle sensitive company information, security is essential. The system is locked so that it is only accessible by certain IPs. User credentials are then matched against ADLINKs internal database to establish user permissions.

Sitemap of the ERP design

ADLINK has created over 30 custom built applications which handle certain aspects of their internal business processes. Our ERP needed to prominently display icons for these applications, and utilize Single Sign On technology so that once a user is logged in, he/she doesn’t need to log in again to access them.
Furthermore, display and access of the applications is, again, limited by user permissions.