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What makes us different?


Whether you’re a multinational doing business in Taiwan, or a Taiwanese firm looking to enter western markets, we have you covered. Our international team has extensive experience in planning and executing online marketing strategies which get the most bang for your buck.

Localization Specialist

With a multinational team based out of the UK and Taipei, we are ideally suited to helping international firms localize their digital presence for the Taiwanese market.

Your Level of Involvement

We can work with your existing marketing team, plugging skill gaps while utilizing existing internal resources. Or, we can handle projects independently, and report back in weekly meetings on KPIs. We provide custom solution that suits your needs.

Map Your Buyer’s Journey

We help you map out your Buyer’s Journey, covering the important steps (Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Purchase, Post Purchase and Re Purchase), together with the appropriate messaging and marketing channels for each step.

ROI Focus

Our focus is all about ROI, how much you spend and what you get in return. To do this we need to understand your Life Time Value (LTV) of a customer, and compare this directly with Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) to calculate your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Online Sales Support

As technology advances in modern society, businesses must adapt to satisfy customers’ needs fast and efficiently online. We design multifunctional application that aims to provide better sales support for your customers.

Full Service

The various segments of digital marketing include Social Media, SEO, PPC,  KOLs, and the design and upkeep of your website. For each part to truly support your brand, they need to be part of a consistent overall strategy. We provide a complete one-stop solution to our clients.

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Online Marketing in My Industry

It’s hard to think of a business that can’t benefit from online marketing. With literally thousands of marketing tools and channels available. The real skill lies in knowing what is the right mix of marketing for your unique situation.

Online Marketing for manufacturers

The key to attracting more, and larger international clients is establishing trust. When potential clients trust in you, your brand, your product and your service, they are not only more likely to buy from you, they are more likely to pay a premium to do so. We establish this trust by ensuring that we look, feel and act professional, and by having consistent brand messaging that appeals to your target audience.
A typical marketing mix for manufacturers looks something like this:
  • Some light content work on social media. This isn’t a target channel for us, but we want to ensure that you are visible if a client searches for you. The content usually revolves around news that is specific to your company, and more general industry changes.
  • Highly targeted advertising on social media, focusing on clearly defined job titles, organisations, locations and interests. This is a great way to reach out to potential new customers.
  • Retargeting – when people have visited your website and fulfilled certain criteria, for example viewing 2 or more pages but not contacting you, we will follow up on those specific people with ads on facebook and other 3rd party websites.
  • PPC – we usually focus on highly specific search terms with high purchase intent. These are likely to be quite low search volumes but much higher conversion rates.
  • SEO – here we focus on different search terms to PPC. We tend to optimize for keywords which are more relevant to the problems that you solve for your target audience, keywords which have higher volume but lower purchase intent.For many manufacturers, generating loads of new sales leads is not the key to more revenue. Instead, the key lies in how to do more business with the clients that you already have. Our custom web solutions allow you to create a fully branded experience that allows your key customers to request samples, receive relevant product updates, track orders and more. The key here is giving clients a robust system that, in turn, builds their confidence in you.

Online Marketing for e-commerce

E-commerce is purely a numbers game. To perform well, we need to be able to scale as high as possible, while keeping CAC (customer acquisition cost) under your LTV (life time value of a customer). A detailed understanding of your LTV is necessary so that you can work backwards and understand which marketing channels are delivering an appropriate CAC, and from there, we scale the channels that are profitable. This is the basic principle of scaling an e-commerce business.
We can measure all of these numbers to the Nth degree when we are performing marketing on your own website. When you are sending traffic to 3rd party websites like Shopee, Pinkoi, Rakuten etc, this measurement becomes more difficult, but not impossible.
So what is the right mix of marketing for an e-commerce business? Well, of course, that depends. The mix for a new business will be different to a mature one, and the mix for a fashion brand will be different to a 3C one. Generally speaking:
  • We’ll use PPC to target highly specific keywords with purchase intent
  • Use social media to generate brand awareness and in highly visual niches like fashion, drive traffic directly
  • Use SEO to target product categories and the problems that your products solve
  • Use retargeting to re-engage users who fulfil certain criteria but haven’t converted yet.

Online Marketing for local businesses

While the internet is truly global, we can still use it to help customers find local goods and services.

SEO – Google My Business is the first key step to ensure that local people can find your products and services online. Its main objective is to let the customers know the actual information regarding the business like working hours, working days, website, phone number, etc. It also allows listing your business on Google maps. A large part of any SEO is building links from other websites to your website, this builds trust in your site which in turn improves your rankings. In local SEO, the idea is to build as many links from other local sites as possible – this helps Google to understand that you are a trusted local business.

Social & PPC – hyperlocal ads can reach out to your target audience on social media, or allow them to find you through paid keyword search. Users outside of your targeted area will not see your adverts.


What mix of Online Marketing is right for You?

Our online marketing team gets results for local businesses, large international ones, and anything in between. Get in touch and tell us a bit about you; who you are and what are your goals. We’ll then follow up with a call to talk in more detail and see if we are a good fit for each other.