Preparing for Mobilegeddon

Are you ready for this year’s biggest blockbuster? Fraid not, Mobilegeddon isn’t coming to cinemas near you, it refers to an upcoming (April 21st) algorithm change from those crazy cats at Google, and it’s going to penalize the hell out of sites that are not optimized for mobile.


What is Mobile Optimization anyway?

If a site is mobile friendly, it means that when you navigate it using a mobile phone you don’t need to do any annoying fiddling with your fingers to read the text. If you’re reading this from a desktop or laptop, take a second to change the size of your browser window (up there in the top right) – you’ll see how the layout of our site changes so that no matter the size of the window, the content is still displayed properly.

Another way to check is to head over to Google’s rather nifty Mobile Friendly Test. Notice that there’s no score or scale given, your site is either mobile friendly or it’s not.

Google wants a great user experience for its users, so it’s not going to send people to your site if they are going to have a hard time reading your content. If you want to attract the masses of people that now use mobile as their main means of carrying out an initial search (you definitely do), then get with the 90’s and make sure your website works well on mobile.

How Bad is this Gonna Be?

Well, maybe not so bad… It’s relatively quick and inexpensive to update your website so it’s optimized for mobile (let us know if we can help you with this).

Google’s Gary Illyes explained that the new algorithm will run and scrapes in real time. This mean that in theory, your SEO performance will improve the minute your site becomes mobile-friendly and Google has a chance to crawl it.

Finally, if your site is not mobile-friendly, this kick up the bum is exactly what you need! In this day and age there’s really no excuse for having a site that’s not mobile friendly – your customers won’t like it and you’ll be losing business because of it.

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